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Ernest Rillman, DMD

Meet Dr. Rillman


Dr. Rillman’s Endodontic Practice was established in 2004; it is situated in Largo, FL. Dr. Rillman is known for his commitment to excellence. Our staff, Practice Manager, Nancy and Endodontic Assistant, John have  been members of the practice team for many years. They are highly trained and also committed to excellence. We use state-of-the-art equipment including operating microscopes and many innovative techniques.

Dr. Rillman graduated from the University of Southern California, at Los Angeles, CA with a post-graduate residency training in endodontics and receiving a certification in endodontics in 2004.

In 1997, Dr. Rillman received a certificate in Prosthodontics for his post-graduate residency training in prosthodontics from Medical College of Georgia.

Dr. Rillman has two Degrees of Doctor of Dental Medicine, one from Universidad Intercontinental at Mexico City, Mexico in 1983 and the second one from Washington University, at St. Louis, MO in 1987.

Currently, Dr. Rillman is a Faculty Staff Member teaching Advanced Education in the General Dentistry Program at the VA Hospital in Bay Pines, FL. 

He is also a Clinical Courtesy Professor at The Endodontic Residency Program at University of Florida, Gainsville.